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Teller From Jerusalem

Nov 24, 2021

TFJ Series 1: Episode 38: The Birth of Israel 


Just as the British excused their heartless behavior by offering an excuse that no one believed, that spies might have infiltrated among the refugees and then would commit espionage against His Majesty‚Äôs Government; the United States State department, with the...

Nov 17, 2021

TFJ Series 1 Episode 37 - The Birth of Israel 

When the British refused to allow 10,000 Jewish children to escape Europe and come to Palestine, it could not be that that they did not understand that barring their entry meant subjecting them to their annihilation. Images from Kristallnacht had been broadcast across...

Nov 10, 2021

TJF The Birth of Israel: Series 1: Episode 36

Just as Neville Chamberlain bought shame to himself and the British government by his policy of appeasement a the Munich Conference; likewise the British Mandatory Authority foolishly engaged in a policy of appeasement with the Arabs in Palestine. The policy intended to calm...

Nov 3, 2021

TFJ:  Series 1: Episode 35


Teller From Jerusalem is very proud to host one of the most dynamic and compelling inspirational speakers of our time, Mr. Charlie Harary. As always, Charlie brings on to the show his poignant and contemporary examples of how each person can unlock the greatness within themselves.