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Teller From Jerusalem

May 18, 2022

TFJ: The Birth of Israel


Series 2: Episode 6

The Relief Column sent to the Etzion Block were buried in a hasty, shallow grave. When Israel liberated the Etzion area in the Six Day War the remains were brought to Jerusalem and miraculously identified. 

As the first stage of the War of Independence was not going well...

May 4, 2022

TFJ: The Birth of Israel 

Series 2 Episode 5


The Partition Plan which would have enabled the creation of a Jewish State was not looking promising.  The American State Department was adamantly opposed, dampening President Truman’s support. The Soviet’s were in favor of partition, which presented a rare opportunity...

Apr 6, 2022

If you care for your fellow person you will wish to correct them when they are erring. This is not just the domain of parents, but of any loving and considerate individual – yet a challenge in a society deeply entrenched in the belief of “mind your own business.”

Mar 23, 2022

TFJ Series 2: Episode 3

The British convened conferences to quell the Arab revolt and seek a lasting solution between the Arabs and the Jews. But unless the Arabs received everything they demanded, they were unwilling to negotiate. This created a pattern that was still being followed over sixty years later to...

Mar 9, 2022

TFJ Series 2: Episode 2

The Arab revolt resulted in widespread violence across the land aimed at both Jewish and British targets. British officer and Christian Zionist, Orde Wingate trained Hagana fighters how to defend themselves. These troops assisted the British in quelling the Arab Revolt. These very same troops...