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Teller From Jerusalem

Nov 24, 2021

TFJ Series 1: Episode 38: The Birth of Israel 


Just as the British excused their heartless behavior by offering an excuse that no one believed, that spies might have infiltrated among the refugees and then would commit espionage against His Majesty’s Government; the United States State department, with the fullest cooperation of President Roosevelt shamelessly employed the same lame and false excuse that spies could be among the Jewish refugees seeking sanctuary and therefore they posed a risk to national security and must be turned away. 

The State department and FDR were determined to even violate the law to see to it that Jews did not escape to America. United States policy was so blatant that it even prompted Hitler to comment, “By what right did the US have to condemn German policy when America would not accept what Germany is disposing of.” 

Edited and Produced by Alex Drucker 

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