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Teller From Jerusalem

Jun 29, 2022

TFJ: The Birth of Israel

Series 2 Episode 9

There was no secure area in the section of the land allocated to the Jews where the Israelis had a geographic and demographic advantage.  The embargo of weapons to Palestine made it difficult for the Haganah to arm its troops while the Arab armies had resources in Syria,...

Jun 15, 2022

TFJ: The Birth of Israel

Series 2: Episode 8


It is unlikely that had FDR been the president that he would have recognized Israel. Truman was the first to recognize the Jewish State 11 minutes after her independence had been declared. There are two primary reasons as to why Truman contradicted his State department on...

Jun 1, 2022

TFJ: Season 2: Episode 7: Character Workshop


Comparing to others and dealing with the past are no nos. Harsh words cannot be retracted, and even if the offender is forgiven, the offended party will not forget what was said.
When you offer an explanation with criticism, it is often not viewed as an attack.

Learn how to...